My random new project: A foray into YouTube land

My boyfriend is a gamer. Video games, board games, card games, he’s all over it. We spend Saturday nights playing board and card games, and we spend Sunday afternoons on the couch: me doing homework for grad school, and him fighting virtual zombies or things in space or playing a young Lara Croft on his PS4.

He recently subscribed to Loot Crate, a monthly subscription box filled with geek and gamer gear. For funsies, him and I filmed a unboxing video to reveal all the goodies we received. Watch us ooh and ahh over stuff and eat taffy:

Loot Crates are $13.37 + $6 in shipping ($19.37 total). If you’re thinking about subscribing, please consider using our referral link!


Why November 2012 was awesome

This month has been a whirlwind of change, airplanes, meetings and events. Here are just a few reasons why November 2012 rocked my world (along with some Instagram photos, because hey, why not).

I started a new adventure.

It’s true: I am now the Assistant Manager of Digital Media at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland, College Park. The building is beautiful, the people are friendly and I have lots to learn; I’ve been itching to try some things with digital media that weren’t practical at an arts service organization, so I’m super excited. <shamelessplug>FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM</shamelessplug>

Taken on my first day of work.

Taken on my first day of work.

I voted.

I did my duty. 'Nuff said.

I did my duty. ‘Nuff said.

I went to the National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Charlotte, NC.

This trip was awesome for the following reasons:

  1. Bob Lynch, President & CEO of Americans for the Arts, is a total rockstar, which I found out while interviewing him during the Knight Foundation Fellows pre-conference;
  2. I got to catch up with old colleagues and meet tons of new ones;
  3. I fell in love with cdza;
  4. Charlotte is a city I’ll need to visit again;
  5. I will forever remember crashing my simulator racecar at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Be warned: it’s not like a video game. You don’t respawn and get to try again. Hmmph.
With Bob Lynch after our session at the Knight Foundation Fellows pre-conf!

With Bob Lynch after our session at the Knight Foundation Fellows pre-conf!

Amanda, Brett and I on the fifth floor balcony of the Mint Museum Uptown during NAMPC's Opening Reception.

Amanda, Brett and I on the fifth floor balcony of the Mint Museum Uptown during NAMPC’s Opening Reception.

Sulu DC turned three.

I missed it because I was in Charlotte, but Sulu DC had a great third anniversary show at Meeps in Adams Morgan. Don stepped in to volunteer in my place and even won the Audience Award!

The Don in my place.

The Don in my place.

I visited Denver for Thanksgiving.

Thankgiving in Denver = food, drink and games all weekend long. We played Gloom, Pit, Munchkin, Cranium, Guillotine, Kittens in a Blender, Zombie Fluxx and Nintendoland games on the WiiU. (Yes, we take our play very, very seriously.)


Playing Munchkin. So many items equipped.

And a picture of a street performer on Pearl Street in Boulder, just for the fun of it:

She was singing a Guns N' Roses tune.

She was singing a Guns N’ Roses tune.

I scored a You’ve Cott Mail mention.

Kind of. Joe at Butts in the Seats quoted part of my ARTSblog post about the “Stereotypes, Exoticism and Cultural Competency” session at NAMPC, which was then featured in November 28 edition of You’ve Cott Mail. I was so stoked about it that I tweeted:

To which Thomas Cott replied:

Don’t worry, Thomas. It most definitely is.

I met Sherry and John from Young House Love.

My friend Michelle and I have been Young House Love readers for quite awhile, so when she told me she signed me up for their book signing in Georgetown, I didn’t think twice. And neither did hundreds of our fellow DC-area YHL fans, apparently:

The line.

The line.

We stood in line outside in the Georgetown cold for three hours before getting into Flor for the signing. Toes were frozen, hands were cold and we were delirious and super giggly by the time we got inside…which clearly is not a good combination for making a good first impression on anyone.

I feel like I regressed to my nerdy middle school self.

I feel like I regressed to my nerdy middle school self.

We were so awkward. We couldn’t think of anything to say, which we confessed to them, then I ended up telling them that they actually look like their pictures on their blog. Real smooth, Megan. Real smooth. (But seriously, isn’t that a great thing, finding out that people aren’t Photoshopping the hell out of their pictures online?)

Luckily, Sherry and John are as warm and friendly in person as they come across on their blog. Even though they probably thought we were a couple of crazies (which we may have confirmed when we signed their guestbook afterwards — yikes!), they were incredibly gracious, thanked us for waiting and asked about our frozen toes. I really can’t imagine sitting, smiling, signing and conversing for 4-5 hours nonstop with hundreds of people, but seriously, they were just lovely, lovely people.

Also, Sherry said she liked my necklace, which totally made my night. 🙂

So that’s pretty much my November. Can’t wait to see what December brings!

My Top 5 Frankenstorm Songs

Sandy’s brought us a hurrication, and I’m taking this opportunity to put together an unsolicited Frankenstorm playlist. You’re welcome.

#5: “Hello Hurricane” by Switchfoot

Upbeat and optimistic: the perfect feel-good hurricane song, if there ever was one.

#4: “Hurricane Drunk” by Florence + The Machine

However, if Sandy’s got you down, this song might be more your speed.

#3: “Rains It Pours” by The Dirty Heads

This is the song to listen to as you sit in your dark, power-less living room watching the storm rage outside with some leftover Octoberfest in hand.

#2: “I Will Survive” covered by Cake

I may be biased because I love me some Cake, but this is the best cover of “I Will Survive” ever. (Of course, I don’t blame you if you need to listen to the original for some good booty-shaking beats.)

#1: “Sandy” by John Travolta from Grease

Oh, Sandy.

Stay safe, everyone!

Hippity hop.

My shoes and the studio at JOMDC Friendship Heights.

I’ve been taking hip-hop dance classes at Joy of Motion Dance Center, and their Marketing and PR Manager, Cecile (@dance_DC), asked if I would contribute a blog post to JOMDC’s blog. Why not? Click here to read a slightly embarrassing post about my dance dreams and experience at JOMDC.

Also, if you’re into dance and you’re in the metro D.C. area, check out Cecile’s blog for information about upcoming dance events and other news!

This happened.

I know I haven’t been posting (bad, bad Megan!) but yeah. This happened a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my birthday:


It was such a rush, and not as scary as I thought it would be. I highly recommend it! (Tip: definitely opt for photography/videography packages; they’re totally worth it.) Thank you to my tandem partner Kevin for keeping me alive, and the team at Skydive Orange for putting me at ease!

Instagramming my weekend in and around Philly.


1. With Curby Bucket, Philadelphia’s recycling mascot, outside Citizens Bank Park. That guy’s hilarious.

2. Browsing comic books, graphic novels and nerdy things at Brave New Worlds.

3. Celebrating National Record Store Day at a.k.a. music. (I purchased a Kathleen Battle/Jessye Norman CD.)

4. Yummy sushi at Jasmine Asian House in Collegeville.

Good times. Until next time, Philly!

I’m published, y’all!

…kind of! My blog post about my work’s #creativemoco tweetup at the Fillmore Silver Spring went live on Wednesday on Americans for the Arts’ ARTSblog, which was super cool. Many thanks again to Tim for allowing me to share this story!

Read it, read it nowww. 🙂